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Vaping Principles

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Vaping an e-liquid product that contains nicotine will satisfy your craving for a cigarette. A vape pen is a smoking device that emits vapor. Unlike a cigarette, which can smell repulsive to those who do not smoke cigarettes, a vape pen will emit a light cloud of water vapor that won't offend anyone.

Why Choose Vaping?

A person may choose to vape because it is less costly in the long run and won't require the use of matches or a lighter. They may also appreciate not needing to deal with smelly ashtrays and potentially burning their clothing, upholstery, or another fabric surface that is within close proximity to a lit cigarette.

Vaping requires the use of e-juice. E-juice is a special formula that may contain nicotine and a flavoring agent. It is possible to purchase an e-juice product that is closely matched to the taste and nicotine content of a true cigarette. This variable can be very impressive to a person who would like to give up real cigarettes but is not quite ready to wean themselves off of nicotine.

How Will A Vape Pen Work?

Your curiosity about vaping may involve wondering how you will draw e-liquid into your lungs and how to charge up the product that you purchase. A vape shop sells starter kits, individual vaporizers, e-liquid, battery chargers, and cases.

A vape pen is a relatively simple product that contains four key components. The tank, the battery, the atomizer, and the e-liquid all work simultaneously. The battery will be stored within the body of a vaporizer. The atomizer looks like coils and will be the part that heats up the e-liquid. The e-liquid will need to be poured into the tank of a vape pen.

Some shops offer hygienic filters that can be used for single trials of a vape pen product. If the vape shop offers samples of their products, you can get a feel for inhaling an e-liquid and determine what flavor of liquid you prefer. A vape shop attendant will formulate your e-liquid. The product that is prepared will be matched to your daily nicotine intake.

Let the attendant know about your smoking habits, including whether or not you smoke menthol cigarettes. They will use this information to prepare a blend that will provide you with a sufficient amount of nicotine. Some new units may come with a battery that is not fully charged. Be sure to read the instruction manual that comes with your new vape pen and charge the battery accordingly.

Contact a local vape shop to learn more.