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Vaping Principles

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Vaping an e-liquid product that contains nicotine will satisfy your craving for a cigarette. A vape pen is a smoking device that emits vapor. Unlike a cigarette, which can smell repulsive to those who do not smoke cigarettes, a vape pen will emit a light cloud of water vapor that won’t offend anyone. Why Choose Vaping? A person may choose to vape because it is less costly in the long run and won’t require the use of matches or a lighter. Read More»

Buying Shisha: Tips For First-Timers

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For some people, smoking hookah can be a fun way to spend time with friends. The tobacco smoked in hookahs is known as shisha. It’s a sort of loose tobacco, and since it is less processed than the tobacco used in cigarettes, many consider it to be cleaner-burning and even more enjoyable to smoke. But when you’re staring at hundreds of different varieties of shisha, how do you know which one to purchase? Read More»