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3 Facts About The Use Of Glass Pipes For Your Tobacco When You Have Been Smoking Cigars Or Cigarettes

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If you have enjoyed your tobacco in a traditional pipe in recent years and you're considering switching to a glass pipe for the first time, you might not know how much the type of wood, clay or other material that was used to create the pipe has impacted your overall smoking experience, including the taste of your carefully chosen tobacco. Therefore, when you are ready to make that switch, being aware of the following benefits of a glass pipe can be quite illuminating.    

#1. You Might Gain A Better Enjoyment Of The Tobacco Itself

If you think about it, it can seem a bit odd that even though many smokers are very picky about the type of tobacco they enjoy, the tobacco is then smoked from a wood or clay pipe that changes the flavor of that substance. Although less common than wood or clay, acrylic and ceramic pipes are also on the market today, and, unfortunately, they can also wreak havoc on the taste of your beloved tobacco. 

As a result, it is important to note that since you are new to the use of glass pipes, the different taste can be jolting. In addition, some individuals have reported that they used less tobacco after switching to glass pipes.  

#2. Your Pipe Can Almost Always Be A Unique Design

It is often surprising to discover that although you might see glass pipes for sale that look identical, they are not. The majority of glass pipes are made solely by hand or are primarily handcrafted by a skilled worker. You can also find larger-than-average pipes made of glass that have been created on glass lathes. 

It is also possible to choose a glass pipe that features a wide variety of colors and color patterns, such as:

  • Forced color shards in a seemingly random pattern that can provide a braiding or tie-dyed effect

  • Color changes throughout the unit as the result of colored, hot bubbles

  • Metallic fragments that provide a slight tinting    

#3. Glass Pipes Change Their Temperature Quickly

If you have ever accidentally picked up a pipe too soon after using it or needed to wait for the pipe to warm or cool to the right temperature before you could use it, you should be happy to know that a pipe made of glass cools down and heats up faster than its counterparts. As mentioned previously, there are many different types of pipes currently available, so you have the unique ability to choose a pipe that is small and discreet. 

Since there is less mass to cool off or warm up, you could easily find that taking a smoke break is easier and faster than it has been with a standard pipe.      

In conclusion, glass pipes allow more of the flavor of your tobacco to be tasted and are available in a wide variety of options. As a result, when you are buying a glass pipe for the first time, it is a good idea to be aware of the facts shared above. To learn more about glass pipes, contact a company like The Minds Eye Glass Gallery.