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Painting And Arranging Glass Pipes In A Far-Out Way

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If you sell glass water pipes at your shop or simply have a lot in your home, you may want to find a way to store them that catches the eye. This simple project creates a fun and engaging collection of glass pipes that are easy to show off and which capture the eye and the imagination.

Create A Fun Design On Paper First

Before beginning the paint job on the glass pipes, sit down with graphing paper and trace around the pipes you want to paint. This creates a more exact model which can be used to create unique designs. Trace around several sides of the pipe to create a three-dimensional model on the graphing paper.

Use colored pencils to create fun designs. Follow this process with the rest of the glass pipes to create complete designs. Make sure to pay attention to the various shades and sides when you color to avoid making a design mistake.

Paint The Pipes Carefully

Painting glass pipes requires using water-based paints and enamels. These are typically available at most craft stores. Find colors that match your designs and carefully clean the surface of each pipe with a brush and soap to break apart stains and dirt. After finishing, dry off the pipes with paper towels and then carefully paint your designs on the pipes. Let them dry for at least a full day or so before moving, arranging, or using.

Arrange Them In A Cool Pattern

After painting the glass pipes to look colorful, it is time to arrange them on shelves to create an eye-catching style. Simply placing them on the shelf is not a good idea, as it is typically quite boring. Instead, it is important to find a combination of colors and shapes that go well together. Try to mix and match various shades to get the best results here.

The pipes should also be arranged in an easy-to-understand way. For example, the smallest could be placed on one side and they could then be placed according to increasing size. However, it is also possible to create "waves" of pipes by alternating them based on shape and size. The possibilities are endless here.

After the glass pipes have been arranged in an attractive way, customers to the shop will be more likely to stick around and check out other pipes. Aesthetics are an important part of any business, and maximizing the interior design of a shop like this can help increase its business.