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Smoking Hot Morning, Noon, And Night Cigarette Flavors To Try

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If you smoke e cigarettes you know that there is always room for variety. Unlike regular cigarettes which will come in one or two standard flavors, e cigarettes allow for variety. With your own vaporizer, you can order DIT e liquid gear online to suit your own fancy. There are many dozens of flavors to choose from, which allows you to get the right flavor for the right time. Here are three different flavors to try out for an enhanced smoking experience in the morning, noon, and night. 

Morning flavor: Belgian waffles 

Whether or not you tend to have a big breakfast, you can enjoy the essence of a great meal by smoking Belgian waffle flavored e liquid. The liquid will give you the hint of a waffle and syrup meal, which can be enough to get you in a good mood for the day. Enjoying this flavor along with your daily coffee can make you feel relaxed and full and ready to get started with the beginning of your day. 

Lunch refresher: Strawberry lemonade

During the day, you may need a refreshing way to cool off. It is not uncommon to smoke during a break, which makes this the best time to enjoy a good refreshment flavor. Strawberry lemonade is the perfect e liquid to use when you are on a break during the day. No matter the time of year, strawberry lemonade is sweet and cool to enjoy when you are just trying to relax. Load in this flavor when you are on a break, after your lunch, or when you are in the car heading home from work. This sweet flavor may give you a mid day pick-me-up that makes it easier to continue on with work or personal errands. 

After dinner: Strawberries and cream

Enjoying a rich, decadent dessert every night is not good for the waist line, but it can be doable with the right liquid cigarette flavor. Pick up the strawberries and cream e liquid so that you can have something rich and tasty after every single dinner. This flavor will cut into the regular tobacco flavor and it will be one of the most looked forward to cigarettes of the day. Having this before bed can help to curb your possible late night sweet tooth. This strawberry and cream flavor will also make it so that you do not gain any weight while savoring your favorite after dinner snack. 

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