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Three Tips For Doing Vaping Tricks

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Vaping is a way to enjoy flavored vapor with or without nicotine. Some people use it as a healthier alternative to smoking, while others enjoy it as a relaxing pastime of its own. If you enjoy vaping and you'd like to learn some cool party tricks to impress your friends, you can learn some vaping tricks. Vaping tricks involve manipulating the cloud of vapor exhaled when you vape. Once you master some tricks, you'll be ready to show them off. Here are three tips that can help you perform vaping tricks:

1. Start with the right kind of vape.

Vaping tricks are easier when you have the right equipment. Since you need a large cloud of e-juice vapor for most tricks, you'll need a powerful vaporizer. Most people choose a small pen vape as their first vaporizer. Pen vapes are a great entry point into the world of vaping, but they might not be strong enough for vaping tricks. Upgrading your current vape can help immensely.

Visit your vape shop and take a look at the vaporizers they have available. Vaping mods are a popular choice. Mods are larger than pen vapes. They have a blocky, box-like appearance, and they may not fit in your pocket. However, they will give you a strong, clean hit of e-juice vapor that will allow you to do many tricks.

2. Stock up on plenty of e-juice.

In order to nail your vaping tricks, you'll have to practice a lot. While you're practicing, you may find that you run out of e-juice faster than you normally do. Stock up on e-juice at your favorite vape shop in advance. This might also be a good chance to try some new flavors. If you're concerned about increasing your nicotine consumption while practicing tricks, you can choose e-juice with a lower nicotine content. You may even want to get some nicotine-free e-juices so you can practice as much as you want.

3. Learn as much as you can.

Technique is everything when it comes to doing vaping tricks. There are lots of videos online that can show you how to execute various tricks like the French inhale. If you need some extra help, talking to experienced vapers may give you the key to success. Try asking the employees at your vape shop if they have any pointers. Many vape shop workers are vaping enthusiasts themselves, and they may be able to help you.