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Take Note Of The Wrapper When You Assess A Cigar

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There are a lot of details that are important to take in when you shop for cigars. Even as a novice smoker, you can familiarize yourself with some key things to look for — which is something that can help you to buy the cigars that are right for you. While it can be easy to focus on the size and even the shape of the cigar, you should also make a point of looking carefully at the wrapper. The wrapper is an integral component of the cigar, and assessing its appearance is an important process when you shop. Here are some wrapper-related details to note when you shop for a cigar.


When you visit a cigar shop that carries a large selection of products, one thing that you'll quickly notice is that cigar wrappers can vary considerably in color. Some have a greenish hue, others are somewhere between yellow and tan, while others are so dark that they're virtually black. Additionally, there are many other colors that appear in various shades of brown. Assessing the color of the wrapper is critical when it comes to choosing the flavor of cigar that you want. The darker the wrapper, the bolder flavor the cigar will have. This may be desirable for seasoned smokers, but those who smoke only occasionally will usually favor the milder flavor of a cigar with a lighter wrapper.


Another detail that you should note when you look at a cigar's wrapper is how shiny the surface appears to be. A cigar's wrapper can have a slightly oily surface that results in shininess. If the shine is absent, it could suggest that the cigar is dry. Even if the cigar is inside of a cellophane wrapper, gently handling it and looking at it from various angles should allow you to see whether the wrapper is shiny or not.


Make a point of closely inspecting the wrapper of the cigar to note how smooth it looks. Smoothness is an indicator of not only a well-made cigar but also one that has been stored correctly in the store at which you're shopping. If the wrapper has dents or even cracks in it, these can be indicators of an old cigar or one that has dried out. Shopping at a reputable retailer is a good way to lessen the likelihood of seeing a cigar with a wrapper that is anything but smooth.

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