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Painting And Arranging Glass Pipes In A Far-Out Way

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If you sell glass water pipes at your shop or simply have a lot in your home, you may want to find a way to store them that catches the eye. This simple project creates a fun and engaging collection of glass pipes that are easy to show off and which capture the eye and the imagination. Create A Fun Design On Paper First Before beginning the paint job on the glass pipes, sit down with graphing paper and trace around the pipes you want to paint. Read More»

3 Facts About The Use Of Glass Pipes For Your Tobacco When You Have Been Smoking Cigars Or Cigarettes

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If you have enjoyed your tobacco in a traditional pipe in recent years and you’re considering switching to a glass pipe for the first time, you might not know how much the type of wood, clay or other material that was used to create the pipe has impacted your overall smoking experience, including the taste of your carefully chosen tobacco. Therefore, when you are ready to make that switch, being aware of the following benefits of a glass pipe can be quite illuminating. Read More»